Rocky Branch School Preservation Association, Inc.
Rocky Branch School   
larue, arkansas  
Welcome to our site!  We hope you will enjoy our pictures, stories, and memories of a great, vintage one-room schoolhouse located approximately 12 miles east of Rogers, Arkansas. We are dedicated to the preservation of this historical gem. Originally located about a mile and half north, our school was moved to its current location in 1962 before the filling of Beaver Lake.  Former students undertook the moving project, at their expense, to preserve their beloved schoolhouse. 
Originally located on land near the Bland family homestead, all of which is now underwater, the schoolhouse serves as the facility for the annual Bland family reunion, held in conjunction with the annual reunion of former students and their family and friends.  

Through the Rogers Historical Museum, hundreds of students get to experience a vintage day of school at our old schoolhouse each year. Their day includes period dress, lessons, lunch and recess. 
The cost of the program is paid by the Rogers Historical Museum. 
The cost of the upkeep of the schoolhouse is paid by friends of the Rocky Branch School Preservation Association, Inc.  
           We accept donations and hope that you will help us preserve this relic of yesteryear.

We appreciate your support!

Please send your donations to:

     Rocky Branch School
        Preservation Association, Inc
                 Attn. Cathy Patterson            

       21063 Low Gap Lane  
                                       Rogers, AR 72756
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